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Car Park Services

Our sophisticated parking solutions meet the dynamic needs of the modern world. Whether you’re a frequent parker seeking convenience and efficiency, a business managing a fleet, or an event planner navigating the complexities of large-scale logistics, our advanced systems and experienced team ensure seamless operation. From our user-friendly online portals and validated parking options to maximising revenue through innovative services like car stacking and valet parking, we provide customised solutions backed by data-driven insights. Let us handle the details with our cutting-edge technology and expert management, so you can focus on what’s important—your customers and your event’s success.

Parking Compliance Services

Our on-site parking attendants diligently ensure only valid parking sessions and permits are used. We maintain clear, consistent signage to fully comply with regulations for parking on private property. Staff can access validated parking through our online portal. Our advanced back-end system efficiently manages all queries, appeals, and follow-ups, fostering ongoing compliance. We also provide comprehensive reporting services.

Valet Parking

Managing large-scale events requires enthusiasm and expertise. With decades of experience in event parking, we have honed the skills necessary to tailor parking solutions to any major event. Whether you need management support for event planning, or you’re looking to capitalise on available land or parking near a big event, our dedicated team can enhance revenue potential. We offer a range of services including car stacking, valet parking, and access to our advanced self-service technology.

Innovative Parker Technology

At Pripark, we’re committed to enhancing customer experience through the latest innovations in practical technology. Our solutions, including swift transactions via pay-by-phone, user-friendly PayByPlate meters, and seamless monthly parking subscriptions, are all facilitated by advanced Pay-By-Plate and Licence Plate Recognition systems. This enables efficient, gateless multi-level parking management. Our experienced team is on hand to provide assistance. We also offer EasyPark services and a variety of monthly parking plans.

Fleet Vehicle Management System

For corporate fleets using our monthly parking subscriptions, our fleet vehicle booking system offers a comprehensive management tool. It ensures your transient fleet vehicles always have a designated parking bay, providing control and organization for your company’s parking needs.

Management Reporting

In today’s growing digital world, making data-driven decisions is vital. We focus on transaction and user metrics such as the number of transactions, repeat parker rates, average parking session value (APSV), daily transaction averages, and average length of stay (ALS). Our transparent parking partnerships allow for a clear understanding of customer preferences at your site, including monthly parking subscriptions, EasyPark’s pay-via-phone option, Pay-By-Plate meters, and monthly profit and loss analysis.

Monthly Subscription

If frequent parking is a necessity for you or your fleet, our monthly parking option consolidates receipts and saves time. Ideal for individual accounts or fleet management, it streamlines parking with a corporate booking system for transient fleets. Manage your bays conveniently in one place, choose from multiple payment options, and enjoy the benefit of monthly reconciliation for efficiency.

Validated Parking

If you’re seeking to offer validated parking for your patrons and staff while maintaining paid parking for others, Pripark has the solution. We can equip you with a localised dashboard designed specifically to manage parking validation efficiently.

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